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Create a lifeline that will last a lifetime

You cannot put a dollar amount on your family protection or on your business protection. Estate planning will ensure your assets are distributed the way that you want them to be. Proper planning can also minimize transfer taxes and can preserve the legacy for your family, business, or even a charity if you so desire.

It makes absolute sense to plan for your peace of mind and for the financial protection insurance provides. After all, none of us have the proverbial crystal ball to see into our futures.

Life Insurance today…

Most people think about life insurance in its most basic form. To provide financial protection for their family in the event of death. However, sometimes “basic” coverage is not always the best choice.  While it is true that life insurance provides a tax-free death benefit to the named beneficiary, it is also true that it has evolved over the years and can do so much more. 

Here are some examples of the valuable benefits policies today can provide: 

  • Cash accumulation
  • Return of premium
  • Living benefits
  • Long Term Care
  • Spousal Benefits
  • Critical illness protection
  • Supplemental retirement income
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Build a Nest Egg for Grandchildren

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We are still in the people business. We will give you the time you deserve to implement a policy tailored to you. 

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